Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas, please have a happy holiday, great season, and/or fantastic day!

There are only three more sleeps 'til Christmas, so today I'm going to steer this blog post down a bit of a religious path, and share a prayer I wrote.

A Christmas Eve Prayer
By Phyllis Ho

We've done what we could, and tomorrow's the day.
So I'll take this moment to kneel down and pray.

Thank you Lord, for songs full of joy.
Thank you for each sweet girl and sweet boy.

I have burns from the cookies and cuts from the cards,
And I still feel jealous of those decked out yards.
I meant to do more, I hope this is enough.
My life is so blessed, but it can still be rough.

Thank you for family, craziness and all.
Thank you for snowfall following the fall.

I know I got frustrated, and even mad,
When Christmas shopping stressed me out bad.
But I know the loud crowds and the lines lasting miles
Will be worth all the world when I see my kids' smiles.

Thank you for paper to hide the surprises.
Thank you for lights in all colors and sizes.

I know Christmas is Jesus's day,
And I hope Your Son likes us celebrating this way,
With trees and with Santa, with gifts and with love.
I hope there are smiles all around up above.

Thank you, My God, for sending your son.
And in case they forget, "Thank you." From everyone.