Monday, January 18, 2016

Is Age Just A Number?

Two of A Kind
It's easy to forget my kids are actually several years apart in age. I guess it's because they play together and imitate each other all the time. Neither really "acts his age," probably. A while ago I surprised myself when I realized I often think of them as being about the same age. I know how much of an age difference there actually is. But it's almost automatic to think there's just small age difference.
I know when I treat my kids the same, it's unfair to both of them. It's unfair to be treated like you're a "baby." It's unfair to have someone expect you to be mature beyond your years. Maybe I subconsciously "split the difference" in the ages, and lump them together. Maybe it's my brain being lazy. Maybe it's me being lazy.
When you throw in how different they are, it gets really confusing. My older son would have happily sat through a movie in a theater when he was younger than my youngest son is now. But I can't even get the younger one to sit still for one song at a concert designed for children.
Things like this gnaw at me. I feel so guilty. And it's just one of a thousand things. Then I feel guilty for feeling guilty. How selfish! I should be thinking about my kids, not myself.

Sarah: That's not fair!
Jareth: You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is.
-- Labyrinth

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