Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grrr...TV Commercials

Stupid ads are one of the reasons I use a DVR & the Fast Forward button. And, because I know you really want to know, here are my 2 most-hated commercials currently on tv:

1. Kmart's Playground Yo Mama Non-Slams spot.
(I've only seen a shorter version on tv, and this longer version online.)

Forget any possible racial stuff. This is a stupid ad because it's trying to get people to shop at Kmart by highlighting why you shouldn't shop at Kmart! Yes, they changed the words. But we know what follows "Yo Mama" in real life. So watching this ad simply reminds me that other kids will harass my child for wearing clothes from Kmart. ::Insert horrible childhood flashback with cheap clothing and taunting classmates here. Cut back to a sniffling current-day parent.:: I'll take my son or daughter to the mall for back to school shopping. Or let the kid have my credit card number and go crazy online. I'll spend $150 on the cool pair of jeans. And $200 for sneakers! By golly, my mini-me will not be teased on the playground just because I want to save money!

2. AT&T's Real Estate Agents spot.

Replace the women with men and that one guy with a lady. (Use your imagination, children.) Now watch the commercial again. That's why this ad sucks.

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